Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Home Stumps: Location, location, location

Hopefully everyone involved with Meeroos knows not to put your Home Stump close to a Region edge. Meeroos who try to wander across SIM boundaries may experience sudden abrupt removal from the Grid. That is just how Second Life works. Best to keep your critters away from the edge by at least 150% of their range. So if you have your Meeroos set to stay within 20m of their Home Stump I would make sure it is at least 30m from any Region edges. That is the absolute minimum distance you should leave, to be safe, a distance no less than double the range [40 meters if your Meeroos range is 20 meters] between the Stump and any edge is preferable.

You can tell how close you are to the edge by looking at the coordinate numbers on top of your screen, or wherever they might be - if anywhere - on the new V2.0 codebase viewers... Zero (0), zero (0) is one corner of the SIM. So in the above example, if you were in that corner of the SIM, your Home Stump would need to go at 30,30 or greater with a 20m range. The other SIM corner is at 254, 254. If you had space in that corner of the SIM then you would need your Home Stump at less than 224,224. In no case would I put Meeroos within 15m of a SIM edge, unless I had no other choice. If that is your only option; setting movement to "Freeze" might be a good idea, to stop them crossing over the border.

It is also important to observe the edge rules for neighbors parcels. If you do not own the entire Region chances are you have other Avatars land next to you on some, or all, sides. While Meeroos crossing onto their land might not be disastrous it is certainly inconsiderate [unless you have their permission]. Depending on their land settings Meeroos wandering over might get returned to you, a big problem if you are not going to be on for a few days [they can only be in Inventory about three (3) days safely]. It's an annoyance even if you can pop them right back out. Works best for everyone if we all try to keep our Meeroos on our own land [or Group land].

X and Y coordinates sorted but there is another question I have heard a few times in Group chat: "My Meeroos legs are in the ground, what can I do?" The simple answer: Raise your Home Stump a bit. Where the Home Stump goes the Meeroos follow. Remember to hit "Relocate" on the Stump menu after you move it. Having the Meeroos maintain their level with the Stump allows you to have Meeroos at any height you want. It does limit the Meeroos to one plane of movement (X and Y, horizontal) but they do have a bit of vertical movement when they stand up to peek around. The Meeroos can not follow the ground, and do not walk up or down hills. This is one of the many cases where I think Team Meeroos made the right trade-off. Loosing ground following but using phantom pets and a set height opens up a lot of possibilities and removes tons of lag. I love the Meeroo movement. When they have a little look around it always makes me smile.

If your Meeroos are floating, or wading through quicksand, just adjust your Home Stump height and select "Relocate" from the drop-down menu. It is as simple as that. And of course: do not put your Meeroos near the SIM edge, they really dislike it.

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  1. the stumps actually scan the area when you change the range and should report warnings if it sees there are other parcels in range.