Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Important Information About Trunks

The delivery of pre-ordered Meeroo Family packs is almost upon us. They begin in slightly more than twenty four (24) hours. A lot of people who were not in Open Beta will be receiving their first ever Meeroos Trunk, and there are some things they should know: The single most important caution is: Never "Open" a Meeroos Trunk! They are designed to be "Touched" and then unpacked via a drop-down menu. If you "Open" a Trunk and extract its contents to your Inventory it, and the contents, will be broken!

Malevay Studios has said they will not replace Trunks broken by being "Opened." Catherine's quote from their blog is: "If you break your Chest after it is delivered by opening it incorrectly(i.e. extracting contents to your inventory via edit mode)or deleting it altogether, we will not be able to replace it or refund your money for it. This is not because we want to be difficult!" That might sound a bit draconian but if you think about it: as a company, they have nothing but your word that the Trunk was "Opened" and therefore broken, someone could have set those Items out correctly and then simply claim that the Trunk was broken. I am sure the vast majority of us would never do anything like that, but some people will. While I suppose there might be some way to match up purchases with Trunks and Meeroo counts; you can sell/buy Meeroos and people will use that to obfuscate things in an attempt to get free product. That coupled with the fact that, I assume, every Trunk sent out or purchased [of a specific type EX: Family Pack] is identical until you rez it InWorld. Prior to that you could transfer it to anyone, they could rez and open it and then hand you back the empty (read: broken) Trunk.

Perhaps I am over thinking it. I bet Team Meeroos have thought about it quite a bit. Especially in light of what I consider very customer-friendly policies and TOS. If they say they wont do it I am sure it is for a good reason. In the end preventing Meeroo fraud protects everyone who owns them except those perpetuating the scams [They will get theirs eventually, see: Karma]. So while I am sure there are going to be some very angry Avatars who do "Open" their Trunks, that has to be balanced against the damage not having that policy in-place would cause.

It seems the best course of action for everybody involved is to make sure everyone receiving Trunks knows how they work and how to correctly unpack them. Team Meeroos has made a tutorial video for just that purpose [Below]. I can only assume it will also be in the instructions notecard that will, I hope, come with the Trunks (i.e. not in the Trunk). I believe the Trunk itself chats the instruction not to "Open" it when you rez one. In my opinion there really is not much of an excuse not to know how to unpack it, but information can be overlooked. Especially in the excitement of pre-orders and getting your first forever Meeroos. If you have friends who are going to be getting Meeroos for the first time: make sure to let them know. A Family Pack is a pretty big investment, at least they were for me. I think it is better to take the risk of telling someone who already knows than not to, and potentially have that investment lost.

So, grab a cup of coffee [Video is: 3min 19sec long] and have a watch of the helpful Tutorial video produced by Team Meeroos. Make sure to point your friends and family who are expecting Meeroos there as well.

If anybody knows what the correct term for them is now that would also be helpful. I'm not sure if we should be calling them Trunks or Chests. It seems like we're moving toward Chest as the proper term, but I'm uncertain.

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