Sunday, 15 May 2011

Thoughts as Open Beta Ends

As I write this it is less than 6 hours until the end of Open Beta. So far almost every blog post I have written has been about Open Beta and that is about to end. I am tempted to say that it is getting serious now, but I hope not too serious. Meeroos should be fun and I am excited about mine. I am not interested in being a mega-breeder or "winning" Meeroos. I just enjoy them. I have loved being a part of Open beta and would like to thank Breedables Inc. for writing the post that led my partner to the Meeroos site in time for us to join it.

Open Beta has been an eye-opening experience for me. This is the first time I have been involved in testing other peoples products in Second Life prior to release. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was surprised at some of the InWrold Group chat. Everyone has their own ideas about how things ought to be done, and team Meeroos needs all that input to improve their product. So I don't understand why there would be any problems. The CSRs have done an amazing job keeping Group chat defused and amicable. I have learned a lot from participating in it and have met some great people already. I can't imagine what Group chat will be like after the Official Launch, I hope those of us who participated in Open Beta will work together to keep it positive.

 I have enjoyed Open Beta enough that I am a bit sad it is over. It has been a bit of an elitist thrill to invite friends over to have a look at the Meeroos, friends not in Open Beta, and then have them go pre-order. I do not want to come across as gloating, I wish everybody could have been involved in Open Beta. I am pleased that my partner and I got the chance to be a part of it, we could easily not have been. I don't know what surprise Team Meeroos has planned for beta testers, but if it is an item of any sort: I will treasure it. Not because it is rare or worth anything, I hope they are no-trans if they are an object to render them un-sell-able. Instead I will keep it as a reminder of my time, of our time, in Open Beta. I am being overly sentimental I know. It is just the end of product testing. Soon the "for real" Meeroos will be upon us, literally. I have a good feeling about Meeroos, and about Malevay Studios. They do appear to have a plan in place. Who knows? I might not even like the plan. But they have a plan and I am encouraged by that. I like a company that has a course of action in place but still listens. If you have witnessed the changes to the way Meeroos work [Petting Distance, Chat Spam, HUD Memory Issues, etc...] you can tell they are paying attention.

An anecdote for you, to show how much attention they pay: In one of my blog posts I posted a picture of a deformed Meeroo. Nothing serious, although it was hilarious, the Meeroo fixed itself shortly after the photo was taken and had no further problems. I even marked the photo as being something temporary. It was not two days later that I got an IM from a Meeroos CSR telling me they had seen the photo and wondered if the Meeroo in it was ok. I don't know if the initiative to contact me came from the CSR or elsewhere in the company, but it shows somebody - probably a few somebodies - are paying a lot of attention.

I am a bit sad Open beta is over. I am a bit sad my Meeroos habitat is going to be empty until Wednesday. I am excited about Wednesday. I must not pre-order any more Meeroos, oh wait, can't afford to; problem solved. Soon we'll be setting up those Fellowships for real, building Regard for real, breeding Meeroos for real. Once again my Second life is filled with excitement and discovery. For Team Meeroos I have both high expectations and high hopes. I have already had countless hours of enjoyment from Meeroos and they are not even available yet.

If you want to order any more pre-order packs make sure you head over to the Oracle at Twas before Midnight tonight. Once the clock strikes twelve they are finished and you'll have to wait until the 21st, at 2pm SLT, to purchase any more.

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