Thursday, 2 June 2011

Open Beta Gift?

There has just been an InWorld Meeroos Group notice with the picture below attached. The text reads "the beta baby Clover". It looks like this could be, in some way, the gift for Open and Closed Beta testers. In Group chat Mehgan Southmoor [Meeroos CSR] wrote: "ok gang that is Clover, he will be meeting our beta testers soon!! Keep an eye on the official blog tonight!!!" and to clarify "closed and open beta testers yes." There is a lot of speculation right now, will it be the chance to breed one, or will they be gifted directly to testers? Nobody knows yet, but we have been told to keep our eyes on the Meeroos Blog this evening, so I for one will be doing just that! Excited!

The Meeroos blog has been updated with more info, check out the new post HERE.

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