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MyRoos: Meeroo Terms Glossary
(A work in progress - please IM me with terms you think need adding)
Last updated: Aug 9th 2011

  • Berries: One of the types of Meeroo food, the most common.
  • Catherine (individual): Malevay Studios founder and CEO. An avatar in Second Life.
  • CSR: Customer Service Representative.
  • Desert Grass: A Type of Meeroo food.
  • Dryad: There are four (4) types of Dryad Meeroo: Sula, Myrr, Troo and Azra. They were created by Vashara after the great wars as messengers, to warn of any future peril. Recently the Dryads returned bearing the message that Orlex is returning.
  • Elderly: Season of a Meeroo that is over sixty (60) days old and can no longer breed.
  • Fellowship: A group of players that band together to pool Regard points. Will eventually be used to unlock items in the Regard Store. Players do not loose any Regard points when joining a Fellowship and they take their Regard points with them, from the Fellowship pool, when they leave.
  • Food: Each Meeroo will need to eat four (4) portions of their type of food each day. Meeroos that do not eat at all will run away to the wild after about three (3) days except for MeePets which will never run away. Current types are: Berries, Jungle Vines and Desert Grass. Available at the Meeroos store.
  • Home Stump: All Meeroos need a home to attach to when not in Market Mode. Each Home can accommodate eight (8) Meeroos.
  • Honey: A free food available from the Meeroos store. Optional, for feeding MeePets if desired.
  • Honey Dipper: Can be purchased at the Meeroos store. Used to convert a normal Meeroo to a MeePetShould only be used when the Meeroo to be converted to a MeePet is attached to a Home Stump you own!
  • Jungle Vines: A type of Meeroo food.
  • Levio Serenity: See: Tiger.
  • Malevay Studios: The company that created the Meeroos. AKA: Team Meeroos!
  • Market Mode: Using the Meeroos HUD you can place a Meeroo in this mode. It will not require a Home Stump but will not breed. The Meeroo will still need to be fed. Used when selling Meeroos, both in markets and at auction.
  • MeePet: A Meeroo that can not breed and does not require food and can not run away. Can eat free Honey to maintain stats if desired.
  • Meeroo: A breedable, digital pet found only in Second Life.
  • Meeroos HUD: A Heads Up Display used inside Second Life to interact with Meeroos.
  • Name: An option on the Meeroos HUD, used to change the name of a Meeroo. Can be changed as often as you like.
  • Nest: Meeroos breed by creating Nests within which the young are placed by the female. The Owner of the male Meeroo will be the Owner of the completed Nest.
  • Oracle: Who knows for sure? She has hair issues. Asks a lot of questions, which can be answered using the Meeroos HUD. Correct answers garner Regard points for the player.
  • Orlex: The Oracle of Darkness. His goal is to create a separation between humans and Meeroos in order to protect Meerookind. Vashara's adversary.
  • Personality: Every Meeroo has one of five (5) Personality types: Shy, Aggressive, Mischievous, Lazy and Friendly. Personality determines what special animation the Meeroo performs and who it can mate with. Each Personality has itself and two (2) other Personalities that it is compatible with for mating.
  • Pet or Petting: A type of player/Meeroo interaction, accessed via the Meeroos HUD. A Meeroo can gain ten (10) Regard points every hour by being pet. A player can receive one hundred (100) Regard points every four (4) hours by petting ten (10) Meeroos they do not own.
  • Primbie: Available from the Meeroos Regard Store. A small yellow bird that finds Treasure located by your Meeroos.
  • Rebuild: An option on the Meeroos HUD, used for fixing Meeroos that have had a glitch. Deletes the Meeroo and rezzes a new identical one. Should only be used when the Meeroo to be rebuilt is attached to a Home Stump you own!
  • Regard: Meeroo Owners gain Regard by petting other peoples Meeroos, answering Oracle questions and Releasing Meeroos. Each Meeroo has its own Regard points which are transferred to their Owner when they are Released. Regard plays a role in breeding by providing a boosted chance for rare genetics. As per Tiger: "...it is more of a nudge in popping out coveted traits, not a sledgehammer."
  • Regard Level: Regard Levels correspond to ranges of Regard points. There are currently twenty-five (25) levels. While Regard points can still be gained once a player reaches level 25 they will not advance to a higher level until more levels are introduced by Malevay Studios.
  • Regard Store: Contains items for sale that also require a certain Regard Level to purchase. Located at the normal Meeroos store.
  • Release: An option found on the Meeroos HUD, will Release a Meeroo to the wild. The Meeroo will disappear permanently, freeing the prims it was using and giving all of its Regard points to its Owner. Released Meeroos can NOT be Whistled back.
  • Season: Meeroos have five (5) Seasons. Meeroos can only breed during: Rise, Peek and Fall and only with another Meeroo who is on the same Season or one either side [i.e. Rise & Peak or Peak & Fall]. See: Personality.
  • Second Life: See HERE. (It's complicated)
  • Tiger (individual): The scripter for Malevay Studios. AKA: Levio Serenity.
  • Treasure: Meeroos periodically dig up assorted items that, when touched, give the Meeroo's Owner Regard points. Only the Owner of the Treasure can collect it. The number of points given varies by the type of Treasure.
  • Vashara: The Oracle of light. Her goal is to unite humans and Meeroos together and repair the damage caused by the great wars. Orlex's adversary.
  • Whistle: Available at the Meeroos store. Used to call a single Meeroo back that has run off due to lack of food. Will ONLY work on Meeroos that left due to hunger NOT on Meeroos that were Released.

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