Sunday, 22 May 2011

Problems with Second Life: Assets in Disarray

Team Meeroos have issued a warning regarding Meeroos as a result of ongoing asset server issues in Second Life. Please do not purchase Meeroos or do anything with them that uses the asset servers. That means: don't pick them up, don't take them in to Inventory and do not rez anything for now. I have been effected by this directly as I tried to buy some more Meeroos only to have the Chest vanish from my Inventory during a Teleport home! This is a serious warning, I strongly suggest you follow Team Meeroos suggestions and read their blog post on the matter HERE. There are also instructions there for how to report missing items. I assume an all-clear will be posted when it is safe to pick up Meeroos again.

Linden Labs has posted that the issues have been resolved: "[RESOLVED May 22nd 11:35 AM PDT] The asset server issue has been resolved. In-world activities can now be conducted normally." However I would wait until Team Meeroos does a Group notice or blog post before resuming normal activities.

Please be patient with the CSRs, they are dealing with a lot of problems right now and they will help everyone as quickly as they can. This is Linden Labs fault, not theirs. Team Meeroos has said on their blog that all problems should be addressed within twenty-four (24) hours: "They may not get to your immediately, but the CSR benchmark is to address every concern with 24 hours of receipt." So while it might take a bit of time, they will get your problem sorted out. Have faith :)

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