Saturday, 14 May 2011

End of Open Beta Announced!

Team Meeroos has announced the end of Open Beta, the dates for Pre-Order delivery and the Official Launch! Dates are as follows:

End of Open Beta: Midnight SLT, Saturday - May 14th [Today!]
End of Pre-Orders: Midnight SLT, Saturday - May 14th
Pre-Order Deliveries: 2pm SLT, Wednesday - May 18th
Official Launch: 2pm SLT, Saturday - May 21st

There are two (2) locations that will be available to purchase Meeroos at after the Official Launch on the 21st:

Haute Couture:

Note on Pre-Orders: It looks like they are going to use the same delivery system tested during Open Beta and you will need to log-on after 2pm on the 18th to be offered your pre-order Trunk. That means you will not get an offline notice about your Trunk being sent, it will not be delivered until you are online. Of course: make sure you are not in busy mode when it is offered!

I am really going to miss the Beta ones I have but I knew it would end soon and I am now uncontrollably excited about getting my "for real" Meeroos! This even makes the Blogger outage fiasco seem not so bad. Thanks again Team Meeroos.

So; if you are in Open Beta and have beta Meeroos out, they are going to sneak off to the wild about Midnight tonight. Take your pictures and say goodbye while you can. It is going to be pretty empty in those Meeroo areas for the next few days.

Now, must get a nap, then get InWorld and say goodbye to my Meeroos who are about to set out across the Grid in search of new adventures. I'll pack them a lunch...

From the most recent Meeroos blog post, by Catherine: "Release is the beginning of a magnificent, long term reveal of stories, lore and mystery that await your discovery. We're not making things up as we go along: The Meeroos have undergone a highly sophisticated story development well before we entered technical development. The Meeroos culture will impact how you play the game, and it will even take you to places you never imagined in the style of play. With what has been revealed in Beta, please know, you've not even scratched the surface."

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