Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Trunk Deliveries Paused

Trunk deliveries have begun and, once more, been paused. Looks like there was a problem with the Meeroos server's firewall thinking it was under a DDOS attack from, well: the Meeroos themselves. This caused some issues that Tiger is hard at work fixing or has fixed. The CSRs InWorld do not have a firm time for when deliveries will resume, just "sometime this evening". They are waiting for enough people to be online and ready so that they can send out another large batch of trunks at once. This helps them test their servers.

Also it would appear that error reporting has changed somewhat. I believe we were originally told to report all Open Beta error on the Forums, but recently the CSRs have been putting the following in Group chat: "We are aware of the problems that you are all having right now we're very sorry, if you could please send a Note Card with your name and give as much detail as possible (ID#s and or names of any missing ), add a LM so if we need to fix babies and you arent online we can get there and if you have Ban lines or any security please add the CSRs to the allow list...Deliveries have been stopped for right now please read http://www.worldofmeeroos.com/node/1152" So it looks like, for now, you are supposed to send a notecard to a CSR if you have problems. Especially with disappearing ones or broken Meeroos. Please do your best to comply with what Team Meeroos asks in terms of reporting issues. If we get the reports to them in the way they prefer then they can get to them more quickly and process them faster. That means less time in Open Beta and more time with our real Meeroos! [And more problems / bugs fixed prior to release!]

I will update this blog again as soon as I find out trunk deliveries have re-commenced. Very much looking forward to it! You will have to have your new v0.90 HUD on to receive the trunk, so make sure you get one from the Group Notices and have it on before tonight!

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