Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Don't Pick Up Your Meeroos!

A warning from the WW of Meeroos InWorld Group:

[Sent aprox: 6:55am PDT]
Group Notice From: The Wonderful World Of Meeroos, Mehgan Southmoor
"Right now SL is having major issues causing many meeroos to get lost, please do not pick up any meeroos until the all clear is given"

I figure this is related to the issues Linden Labs is having with the asset servers. I suggest you follow the advice above and refrain from picking up Meeroos or taking them into Inventory. I would also suggest not rezzing any you may have in Inventory and take a miss on birthing nests for now. These problems could, in theory, impact them as well.

Note: The Grid Status post from LL claims the problem is resolved, but I intend to wait for the all clear from Team Meeroos before I resume any Meeroo related activities that involve the asset servers. They are obviously in a better position to know when things are going wrong and let us know about it than the Lab is.

I will keep an eye out for the "all clear" and will update this post when I see it!

UPDATE: All-clear has been given, feel free to resume your normal Meeroos activities.

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