Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Quick note on progress...

Looking over Tigers latest blog post there is one important item in-particular I am excited about, Tiger writes: "Still working on a V0.78 to go out sometime later this week with a few more improvements that people have been asking for." So there will be another update with even more of our ideas incorporated! I would love to know what suggestions he is going to implement.

The fact Tiger is still working to make sure the Meeroos are stable, even though they work pretty well right now, is encouraging. It is good to know there will be another cycle of upgrades and testing before they go live. I am glad to hear that the migration to new web servers went well. It sounds like Tiger feels there is enough processing power to handle the Official Release without any strain. Figuring out what kind of servers you need is one of the many things Open Beta trials are for. Team Meeroos needed better servers, Team Meeroos got better servers: sorted. Another job well done! My only slight worry is that the popularity of Meeroos, after the Official Release, has been under estimated; I think a LOT of people are going to want them. On-the-other-hand if Tiger says they have "...more CPU than I know what to do with atm..." I trust him.

HUD note: You should have a version 0.92 Meeroos HUD now, if you don't: make sure to pop your old one on next time you are InWorld to be offered the new one, or grab the new version from Group notices. No cosmetic changes but v0.92 fixes a memory issue in v0.91 that could cause freezing of the HUD. [I have never had any version of the HUD freeze]

In closing, I see the end of Open Beta looming in the distance, and none to far off. At the end of his dev blog post Tiger says "If all goes well this will be the final update before launch." Once v0.78 comes out we will be staring the end of Open Beta square in the face. Unless something goes very wrong it will be time to say goodbye to our wonderful Beta Meeroos and begin the lonely days, between the end of Open Beta and the start of Pre-Order deliveries, with no Meeroos scampering about underfoot. Πάντα ῥεῖ [Panta Rhei].

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