Monday, 2 May 2011

Trunk delivery informational update!

Brand new blog post from Team Meeroos with specific times for Open Beta trunk delivery has been posted. The times below are for tonight, Monday May 2nd, 2011. A time-line: 

7:00pm SLT: Last Phase of Open Beta begins
8:00pm SLT: Attach your Meeroos HUD & Accept any HUD updates [Wear the updated HUD]
8:20pm SLT: Delivery of trunks [chests?] begins!

We have been asked to place and birth all the nests as quickly as possible once received. However for those of us outside the US this may prove difficult. While I would love to stay up until 4am to participate, I fear my bedtime falls much earlier when the kids have school the next day. And a nasty habit of waking up at 6am... But I will get my Meeroos placed and birthed at the earliest opportunity, I promise! The timing is intended to take advantage of Second Life's peak concurrency, when the highest number of people are logged on, which makes sense. Unfortunate for some of us, but best for the Meeroos overall.

On the Meeroos blog Catherine has written, once the deliveries arrive: "Begin unpacking your Chest as quickly as possible! (Remember, do not open the contents and extract to inventory, you'll break it!) Simply click on the Chest and unpack it from the dropdown menu that appears." So there you go :)

Some additional information: The petting range for Meeroos has been increased, which we knew, the new range has been confirmed as 3 meters. I don't know what it was before the update [1 meter?] but that feels more reasonable. There are a few projects Malevay Studios have in progress as well, they are:

>> A Mute button for HUD sounds.
>> A Redesign of the way you engage the Oracle.
>> Alternative sized HUDS for multiple UI Sizes.
>> Tiny Animations
>> Hovertext toggle on/off button on Meeroos

Looking forward to seeing the multiple sized HUDs and will be great to toggle the float text. Makes identifying a specific Meeroo in a crowd, um... flock, no, herd? Anybody know what a group of Meeroos is called? Going to need to look into that. If anybody knows... IM me, or comment.

Update: the following was just sent out as a Group notice InWorld:
We know for our European times, the release is unfriendly! Our intention is to release at peak time SLT (Or american west coast) and have it roll across the world so the  server experiences multiple  stress spikes. Each of you, no matter your timeszone, is valuable to this ongoing release! Thank you so much for understanding.

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