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Meeroos: Prices and Discount Analysis

Time for a math post! I can tell you are all excited, overjoyed even. But it is better than it sounds. I have been crunching some numbers and come up with some interesting figures for purchasing Meeroos directly from the Meeroos store. Please keep in mind I am not an accountant and it is possible there are mistakes either in logic or math or both. If you bring them to my attention I will fix them. Be aware that these figures are nest-price-centric, that is: they are primarily based on figuring out the best price-per-nest and take the cost of Meeroo Food and Home Stumps as given and not discounted when part of a Meeroo Pack. That focus can skew the data a bit sometimes making it look like something is a better or worse deal than it really is. Make sure to check how much Food and how many Stumps you get with each package, it can vary drastically.

I have embedded my charts at the bottom of this post. I am going to have a go at explaining it in words a bit first, hopefully that will make more sense and provide some context for the charts. If you prefer raw data: just scroll to the bottom.

 Meeroo Packs

The Family Pack contains six (6) Meeroo Nests, two (2) Home Stumps and enough food for twenty-eight (28) days. The Pack retails for L$5,199. That is L$3,499 for the Nests if you assume no discount on Food and Home Stumps which makes each nest: L$583.17. The overall discount based on how much it would cost to buy all items in the Pack individually is: L$617 or 11% off. [Pack Value: L$5,816]

The Meeroo Medium Pack comes with four (4) Meeroo Nests, one (1) Home Stump and enough food for seven (7) days. Notice that you get a lot less food per Meeroo by dropping from the Family Pack to the Medium Pack. You will need to buy more Food after seven (7) days instead of twenty-eight (28). However since the Pack sells for L$2,799 of which L$2,324 is for Nests, the price-per-nest is only: L$581, slightly less than for the Family Pack. This is, in my opinion the best value Pack for your L$. Your mileage may vary. If you need loads of Meeroo Food in your Pack, I would go with the Family Pack. If you have enough food all-ready the Medium Pack has the lowest price-per-nest, again that is without applying any price reduction to Food or Homes despite being included in the discounted Pack. The discount for this pack, over buying each item individually is: L$420 or 13% off. [Pack Value: L$3,219] Overall a slightly better deal than the Family Pack in many cases.

Next is the Meeroo Pair Pack. It comes with two (2) Meeroo Nests, one (1) Home Stump and food for seven (7) days for your Meeroos. The Pair Pack is going for L$1,599. Of that I calculated L$1,223 was for the Nests making the Nest price: L$611.50 each. That is L$30.50 more per Nest than in the Medium Pack and the food will last you just as long although it is half the amount of food since there are half the Meeroos of a Family Pack. Discount over buying each item: L$149 or 9% off. [Pack Value: L$1,748]

Lastly the Single Meeroo Pack AKA "Me and My Meeroo" Pack which, obviously, contains one (1) Meeroo Nest as well as one (1) Home Stump and seven (7) days worth of Food. Its price is: L$999 and this is where I calculated the base price for a non-discounted Meeroo Nest. It is used throughout the charts below. I figure the price of a single Meeroo Nest to be: L$686 which is L$74.50 more per Nest than the Pair Pack and L$105 more than the Medium Pack. Again, it has half the food of the Pair Pack which will feed the single Meeroo for seven (7) days. There is no discount for buying this Pack and thus its value and cost are identical. [Pack Value L$999]

There is no guarantee that you will get an even mix of Males / Females in any pack listed above. If you need specific genders I suggest using the trade forums or purchasing Nests from the secondary market where their gender will be known prior to purchase. The trade forums are fantastic and currently people are responding very quickly. If you need to trade Meeroos for any reason I would try there first.

Meeroo Food

Food prices are very simple. You should always buy the biggest pack you can afford, unless you are planning on giving up Meeroos [Yikes! Don't do it!]. The bigger the pack the higher the discount.

The base food pack is enough food for one (1) Meeroo for one (1) week. It has no discount and is selling for: L$63 which works out to L$9 per day spent on food. The next step up, at L$225, is enough to feed one (1) Meeroo for four (4) weeks and works out to L$8.04 [11% discount] per day. The largest pack currently available is food for six (6) Meeroos for four (4) weeks and works out to L$7.14 [21% discount] a day. The largest pack costs: L$1,200.


I am embedding two (2) charts below. The first breaks down the prices and discounts, as well as cost of ownership, for all currently available Meeroo Packs and Food Packs. The second chart breaks down all of the combinations of Meeroo Packs you could buy to obtain a specific number of Meeroos. If you know how many Meeroos you want to have total it will show you the options you have to purchase that number. Make sure to keep an eye in the amount of Food you get and the Stump count. The most expensive way to buy any number of Meeroos is with Single Packs and you will end up with as many Home Stumps as you have Meeroos! I have tried to include every possible combination up to twelve (12) Meeroos, if I missed any let me know.

For the chart below: "#" is the number of Meeroos you wish to purchase. The column headers 1p through 6p stand for the Pack Nest count. So "1p" is the single Pack and "6p" is the Family Pack. "Food" indicates the number of days worth of food you get for the number of Meeroos you are buying. It is not a specific amount of food, but how long it will be before you will need to buy additional food if you use that purchasing option. I have alternated the background color to show where it changes from one quantity of Meeroos to another.

If you are interested in viewing these charts at a proper size, or on your local machine, you can view and download them! The first chart "Meeroos Price List Compare" is HERE and "Meeroo Price Breakdown by Quantity" is HERE. Enjoy! I hope you find them useful.

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