Sunday, 1 May 2011

Size Does Matter...

All my Meeroos running off has given me some extra time to ponder and to write. So here are some things that I've been thinking about for awhile now: Different sizes in breedables. In my opinion having variable sizes is almost a requirement for any new breedable hoping to compete in the market. Meeroos have it, and they have the best implementation I have seen. I cannot confirm this, but it looks very much to me like the giant Meeroos are, not only bigger but, using different shaped sculpties than their smaller counterparts. It looks like the giant Meeroos are a bit rounded and their tails seems to poof out just a bit more. The smaller ones seem more svelte with narrower bodies. If anybody from Team Meeroos would like to confirm or deny that, feel free :)

Sculpty shape notwithstanding, the size differences alone add huge variety to any intermingled group of Meeroos. The giants tower over the teacups who, almost, still look like newborns. The mediums and the averages peer about, leaning to one side to peek around a giant brother. It is all very "real", or I think the preferred term is "immersive", in any case Meeroos do it very well. Given then inherent difficulties of working in an environment like Second Life.

They recently found that out when Linden Labs released a version [LeTigre] of its server software to some Regions that caused scripted Objects to disappear when rezzed or dropped. As you can imagine; this has an impact on Meeroos; which are scripted Objects. Scripted Objects you are normally supposed to hold and drop! The issue came from, ironically, a project to improve the scripting mechanics behind the scenes [This was Kelly's "Mono2 Upgrade" project. We had to remove it because of an issue where scripted objects would disappear on rez. -From the SL Wiki].

To the credit of Team Meeroos they had an InWorld Group announcement out as soon as possible to let people know about the problem. Which is more than Linden Labs did, with no InWorld announcement at all. The Lab did however address the problem within an hour and a half and began reverting LeTigre Regions to their previous versions. So well done all around in the end. But I digress...

Working in the unstable, hilarious [head in your bum pose anyone?], sometimes frightening world that is Second Life the creators of the Meeroos have made something special. From the size differences to the movement of the eyes and of the creature itself. It is like they listened in on the conversations I have had with my partner and with friends. As if they heard every complaint or wish and found a way to incorporate it. I am sure there will be problems, there will be teething pains. There are going to be things I don't like, maybe even things I hate. But I have a feeling I'll stick with Meeroos for a while. Even if it is only a humble food bowl that empties as it is eaten, every detail has been looked after. I hope they keep up the good work, I have faith. Looking forward to Monday... come on Monday!

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