Monday, 16 May 2011

What is that I hear? Another new ear?

Today I found a picture that shows a set of Meeroo ears of a type I have never seen before. I think both ears below are shaped the same* and the photos are just from slightly different angles. I could be wrong about that; they could be two different ear types. These close-ups are taken from a photo posted to the album of the Official WW of Meeroos Facebook page.

They are not my favorite right now, but I would need to see them InWorld to be sure, they are an awesome concept though: a raggedy ear! The ear shape I currently prefer is the classic style. Perhaps it is because that is the first ear I ever saw on a Meeroo and it just seems "right." I am sure there are going to be a lot more little surprises, like these ears, once we get our "Foreveroos." I am giddy with anticipation. If anybody knows what the ear shape, or shapes, above are called and/or has more pictures of them: please let me know. Your contact options are legion:

Twitter: @fosdagger
InWorld: Fos Dagger
Or comment on this post below

*Upon further review I am pretty sure there are two (2) new ears there. They do not look like the same shape and one is definitely longer than the other, more-so than I think can be explained by any difference in perspective. :)

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  1. some of our promo images have let future traits slip out a little. good eye!


  2. Thank you for leaking them Tiger, gives us even more to look forward to!