Thursday, 30 June 2011

There can be only one: The Highland Coat Meeroo

Today I got to check out a Highland coat Meeroo named Ian. I took some pictures while he generally played around, as Meeroos do. Ian's ancestors might well come from the highlands of Scotland. These are the northern areas of Scotland to the North and West of the Highland Boundary Fault. It is a bit more complicated than that, but you get the idea.
I encountered the highlands/lowlands divide myself when visiting a highlands whiskey distillery. While the factory which produces the whisky is in the highlands, on the North side of the street, it has its warehouse on the south side of the street; technically in the lowlands. Still bottled as highland whisky though. I should note I did not see any Meeroos there at all, well perhaps towards the end of the tasting, I do not remember much after that and may have seen many amusing things.

Back to Meeroos: The Highland coat is amber or copper in color. It is a Gael Meeroo and is marked as such. Ian's owner, Noel Hammill told me that the Highland coat is one of his favorites. You can see for yourself in the photos below. Thank you Noel for inviting me to take Ian's photo, and here they are:

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Meeroo Regard cap?

I read today that there is a maximum amount of Regard a Meeroo can possess. We already knew that Levels for players top out at twenty five (25) for now. A player will continue to gain Regard after Level 25 but their Level will not increase. It looks like the maximum amount of Regard a Meeroo can have is 7500 Regard points. I do not have any Meeroos even near that level of Regard so I can not personally verify that it is true. A few separate sources have said that their Meeroos have reached 7500 and will not gain any more so I have no reason to doubt that it is the case.
I am not sure what this means, if true. I had assumed, again wrongly, that Meeroos would continue to gain Regard indefinitely even after their breeding cycle had expired. I thought you would still be able to pet them and raise their Regard as much as you liked prior to an eventual release. Although that is still true to some extent, it will only add Regard for so long. Once a Meeroo hits 7500 Regard points there is no reason to continue feeding it, unless you really love it and want to keep it as a pet, which brings me to:

Mee-Pets: I hope that the ability to turn Meeroos into Mee-Pets is made available soon [A Mee-Pet is a Meeroo that has been "converted" to a pet only. It will not eat or breed. Nor do I think it can gain Regard. There is a considerable up-front cost for the conversion.]. Already I have talked to a few people who have Meeroos they adore and would love to keep, but can not afford to feed. They are mostly familiar with the promised option of  a Mee-Pet and are willing to pay the up-front cost for the procedure. Unfortunately the option to convert has not yet been released. With Meeroos edging closer to their maximum breeding age of sixty (60) days and their cap of 7500 Regard points, more and more people are going to be looking to turn their Meeroos in to Mee-Pets. I know I am, I want to keep them all! As an additional thought: I wonder what happens to the Regard of a Meeroo converted to a Mee-Pet? Does it still go to the Owner, or is it lost? Perhaps some percentage is deducted?

I do think that the Regard cap makes some sense. I can accept it because I can accept that at some point a Meeroo likes you as much as he or she is capable of. Additional bonding does not bring you any closer. You might say that 7500 Regard points is the equivalent of unconditional love. One a Meeroo reaches that level of Regard for you they simply could not love you any more. That being said, the cap is artificial , it is coded in as a decision made by the Creators. I think I would prefer there not be a cap. I have Meeroos I want to keep for awhile, longer than they will be breedable. It is nice to think that even non-breeding Meeroos are still accruing some additional Regard from being pet, and mine will for awhile. I doubt many of mine will even be near 7500 when they become Elders. I will have quite some time to pet them before their Regard is maxed. But eventually it will be and then I have to decide what to do with them, and they are too cute to release easily!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Meeroo Personality Profile: Shy

We all know Meeroos have little personalities that effect who they can breed with, what you may not know is that each personality type has its own special animation that fits its disposition. I am going to be photographing those mannerisms and posting them as a mini-feature on each Personality type. I am not looking forward to taking the Aggressive personality photo, they do no stay in position for long. Too feisty for that I assume.
Another animation you may have missed is the one for eating. All Meeroos have the same eating animation and they make a little noise when they are eating as well. Something to check out next time you see your little ones running for the food dish.

The first to get photographed, much against her wishes, is  B Meeroo. B is a Shy Meeroo and would have preferred to be left alone I think. After some petting and a few berries she did agree to a few quick photos, so here they are. Keep checking back, I'll be photographing the rest of the Personality types over the next few weeks and posting more profiles.

Meeroos @ SL8B

It is Second Life's 8th Birthday celebration this week. It is, well, interesting to check out. Very difficult to find anything I thought. I went looking for the Meeroos exhibit. When I found myself stymied I went to the best place to check: Meeroos Group chat. I had a landmark in a few minutes and I was on my way. I'll save you the trouble of asking in Group chat, you can TP there HERE.

The Meeroos plot is very calm and tasteful. The Oracle is there and is scheduled to say something tonight at 8pm SLT [Cancelled: Oracle has hair issues]. No idea what that might be, but I hope to be there. You can pet the Meeroos that are out while you look around, they love it. You can also help out my explaining to passers-by that Meeroos don't bite. Took some photos for the collection:

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Going once, going twice, I just keep going: Meeroos Auctions

Meeroos auctions are a lot of fun. If you have any interest in buying for selling Meeroos I suggest you check a few out. I do mean a few and I will tell you why a bit further down. Even if you do not have a Meeroo to sell or any plans to purchase one you might still learn a few things from watching an auction. It gets more exciting if you do have a Meeroo to sell. Or if you are looking to bid on something special and hoping to get a deal. There are certainly deals to be had and the auctions are not nearly as scary as they might appear if you have never participated in one before.

Auctions are a good place to buy and sell more unusual, rarer Meeroos. A normal Meeroo without any special traits is not going to be cost effective to sell in most cases. Where auctions really come into their own is with rare Meeroos and Meeroos with exceptional heritage. The parentage of Meeroos can be highlighted better in an auction than a store. Many of the people attending auctions have an understanding of the importance of genetics and they pay attention when Mother and Father data is read out. If you have a Meeroo that is not overly special itself but has rare trait parents; an auction may be the way to go.

Of course special Meeroos are even better, sometimes ultra new traits are only available at auction. Attending an auction or two will give you an idea of the current value of new traits and where prices have dropped to on older traits. The secondary market can be a volatile place and prices change rapidly. Store and marketplace prices take a few days to catch up to auction valuations. Some store owners are very active with pricing and stay right on top of current market prices. Others are less so and their prices may not be indicative of the current market value of a specific Meeroo. You can go to a lot of markets and still be unsure what the Meeroo you have, or want, is worth. Attend an auction or two you should have a much more accurate idea of what you should ask, or pay. [All Meeroo value is, of course, subjective. They have no objective value, but are worth what people are willing to pay or what it would cost for you to be willing to part with one.]

Not all auctions are the same. I am not going to use any auction house names here but some are better than others. It is all about the auctioneer. The auctioneer brings their personality to the table and they use it to sell Meeroos. An interesting auctioneer can hold the audiences attention, keeping people interested and, most importantly, in their seats. A good auctioneer brings excitement to the auction, they talk up the Meeroos and point out their rare traits and parents genetics. A good auctioneer makes the auction process fun and keeps you entertained. The last thing you want is someone you can not understand, or who talks in an eternal monotone. A good auctioneer is organized and fluid. While there are always problems with everything in SL, having a good speaker at the helm makes for an enjoyable experience. Before you book an auction space, drop by an auction and check out the auctioneer. If you are not impressed your potential buyers probably will not be either. The more auctions you observe the better you will be able to separate the good from the bad ones. Keep looking until you find an auctioneer you like.

Check how quickly the auction you are interested in fills up. If they still have over half their slots open half an hour before the auction starts... well it might be an off day, or the middle of the week, or it might be an unpopular auction. The popular auctions fill up fast. You may find you have to reserve your slot almost immediately after the preceding auction ends. Auctions that are filled far in advance tend to be well attended and, for me, much more exciting for buyers and sellers both.

You do need to be able to run voice for most, if not all, auctions. The auctioneer will be using voice to conduct the auction while bidding is done by shouting in chat. This ensures that the auctioneer can see/hear your chat and does not miss any bids. I would not suggest trying to enter, or bid, in a voice auction if you can not use voice on your computer. To prepare you for one thing that amused me: some people say "Meeroos" in, well, unexpected ways. I do not know what the correct, or official, pronunciation is. I do know that hearing people say it differently than I do makes me smile.

The process for entering your Meeroo in most auctions is as follows: A few hours [or more] before your auction starts you go to the auction area and select the slot, or slots that you want. The norm seems to be to limit individuals to two (2) slots each. Some auction houses allow multiple items on a single slot so long as they are sold as a lot, not individually. After paying the rental Object for the slot you want you will need to join the auction house Group so you can rez and fill out a notecard about your Meeroo. Often the Group invite is automatic when you pay to rent the slot, other times you may have to find a group joiner sign or Object. If you find you can not rez your Meeroo it may be because you are not in the land group or are not wearing the correct Group tag. There are different guidelines on when you can and should rez your Meeroos for auction. You can normally find that information in the notecard you fill out for the auction. That notecard will need to be filled out with all of the important information about your Meeroo. The auctioneers can not do their job whilst camera controlling about and clicking on Meeroos, so they work off notecards. It is important that you get all of the information requested on the notecard and that it is correct. Most auction houses request that you get your notecard turned in no later than two (2) hours before the auction starts.

A word on pricing: one way to keep the auction fun and exciting rather than scary or nerve racking is to set your minimum price at what you would be happy to accept for the Meeroo you are selling. Ask yourself if you would be happy selling the Meeroo for the opening bid and no more. Do not price your Meeroo so low that you could be disappointed with the price you get for it. If you feel your Meeroo is worth L$3,000, then set its minimum bid to that. Even if you saw one go for L$2,500 yesterday, or you think if you start low people will bid it above 3K. That way you can sit back and enjoy the auction and if your Meeroo does not sell then you are only out your slot fee, normally L$50 to L$100. You can always re-list it again another day, or at another auction.

Be aware that auctions are lengthy. There are speed auctions that complete in half an hour but that is not the standard. Auctions can take quite some time depending on the number of slots they have and how many are filled. I estimate it can take two (2) to five (5) minutes a slot in a normal auction, sometimes more. If you are slot number ten (10) you might be waiting almost an hour for your turn. Of course if you are there to buy as well then it is not really waiting, is it? Just be aware that you will need to be present when your Meeroo is auctioned. As soon as the auction completes you need to be able to set the Meeroo for sale so the winner can buy it. If you are not there your Meeroo can not be sold. Auctions are time consuming but worth the effort especially when that clear eye goes for twice what you expected for it, or you buy that teacup you wanted for half what you thought you would have to pay.

Final thought: If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong. For me Meeroos are all about having fun. If you are only involved with Meeroos to make a profit then auctions may, or may not be for you. If you want to have a good time and maybe make a few L$ in the process I suggest you check some out. You might find that perfect Meeroo for less than you expected.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Introducing: The Emperor

From the Masked Meeroo species out of Japan comes yet another new coat, and an impressive one at that: the Emperor. It is a bit purpley and a lot brilliant. I can not wait to get one of these for myself. They are still incredibly rare so I am not holding out much hope, but you never know. With a bit of luck and the right genetics anybody could coax the next one, maybe even me. No, strike that, never am I that fortunate. I will do it the old fashioned way and wait till I see one on sale for a reasonable price and buy it.

I do not have much to go on to even guess the era this coat might be from, perhaps the Kofun period which starts about AD 250 an ended in AD 540 or so. Those dates are inexact, but you get the idea. Compare those dates to the Caledonian coat which I place at about AD 120. Four hundred (400) years in not a huge amount of time in genetic terms. I would say it is possible that these coats do in fact come from genetics that date back to about that time in history. With more breeding and more Regard I hope to see breeders push the genetics even further back. Who knows what we might see next? For now we will have to ohhhh and ahhh over this one:

The Caledonian

I recently got to take a look at another new Meeroo coat, the Gael Caledonian. It is a dark coat similar to the Ursine coat but with some subtle differences, as you can see from the photos. Interestingly "Caledonia" is the Latin name for Scotland. It was named that by the Romans during the time that they also owned all of England, then known as Britannia. This would have been about AD 120 or so. I imagine that the genes for this coat originate from about that period in history. Shows how far back we have managed to reach with breeding already. I can not even venture a guess at just how far back Meeroo DNA might go. I would actually poke myself in the eye to see a Meeroo from the Mesozoic era [250 - 60 million years ago]. That might take a bit of time, and Regard, to breed out though. I may have to wait awhile. But I digress, here are the photos for you:

Sunday, 12 June 2011

What Market Crash?

Some people think that the Meeroos secondary market has crashed, or is in the process of crashing. I take issue with that. The market has not crashed it was simply never hyper-inflated in the first place. The prices, as they are now, are in my view: realistic.

There are always going to be new traits and people are willing to pay to have them first. That is completely natural. When a breedable the size and scope of Meeroos is released there is bound to be a period of normalization where prices can fluctuate wildly. In the beginning it is not always clear what is rare and what is more common. People are still deciding what they like, and do not like. So yes; over the past few weeks prices have been very high. But not ultra-high, not over-the-top. There has been a lot of excitement and people want those new traits as soon as they come out. That demand shows in the prices; there have been some that have sold for huge amounts. What I want to get across is that it will level off. Even now there are more of what used to be quite rare traits. Soon it will only be the very newest traits that can demand those prices. Other, still very cool, Meeroos will be selling for more affordable prices.

What you pay for when you buy ultra new traits is the prestige of having them first and the genetic boost to your breeding program, before other people. In time most Meeroo traits will become affordable to most avatars. What was rare will become more common. The prices decrease accordingly. It should not be considered a crash unless the vast majority of Nests have super-low prices.

Right now the Meeroos I see for sale, both in auction and in stores, are priced about L$300 to L$600 for a fairly average Meeroo going up to tens of thousands for very rare and very new ones. Those prices do not sound low to me, not crash level low. In fact they sound quite reasonable.

Meeroos have an in-built mechanism to prevent Nest prices from getting too low: Regard. There will always be some price that will be to low to pay for the value of the Regard all Meeroos start with [250 Regard points]. Prices should never fall below the level where it just makes more sense to Release the Meeroo. Only individuals who intend to leave Meeroos forever would have anything to gain by selling Meeroos for less than the value of their Regard. Remember that Regard plays a part in breeding, the more Regard you have the more of a "bonus" you get when breeding. More of a chance to get rare traits and throwback genetics. Regard does have a use, and a value, and every Meeroo and Meeroo Nest out there has at least 250 Regard points.

As opposed to the fastest market crash in recent history Meeroos are actually the breedable to find a reasonable pricing model on the secondary market in the shortest amount of time. I believe that is attributable to a few factors: One is that breedables in general are now more mature as a product type. People have a lot of experience with secondary markets for pets and now make better decisions faster than when the whole breedable movement began. That experience and knowledge makes things happen more quickly and more rationally. There will always be people asking the moon but with a seasoned community cooler heads will eventually prevail. The second factor I see, as I have blogged about before, is the way Team Meeroos has implemented the Meeroos. Having nearly all traits being available directly from their store, the complexity of the breeding model (compatibility) and the impact of Regard on breeding helps keep Meeroo prices reasonable. Not low, not unprofitable, just not exorbitant. I think the Meeroos secondary  marketplace will be alive, well and un-crashed for quite some time to come.

Friday, 10 June 2011

New Food Released: Desert Grass and Junglevine

New food types have been released in the Meeroos store. These are for Meeroos from new species, none of which have been coaxed yet. Team Meeroos is ready for when they are and have made the food available to prevent any going hungry. No one knows how long it might be before one of these new species appears. I doubt it will be to long. Take a look at the Official Meeroos blog post about the new food, it explains everything very well.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

There are No Non-Starters

I found out recently that the term "non-starter" does not apply to Meeroos. With the exception of special Meeroos, like the Clover Open Beta gift Meeroo, you can get any Meeroo from a Nest bought from the Official Meeroos store. It only applies to released genetics of course but it means any Meeroo you can breed you also stand a chance, however small, of getting directly from the store.

I get the feeling some people are not pleased about it. I think many of us, myself included, have fallen into a trap of thinking that breedable pets have to be implemented in specific ways and have to do, or not do, certain things. Meeroos are challenging a lot of those assumptions. The sixty (60) day breeding period instead of a set number of offspring per Meeroo is very different, and it took a lot of us off guard. In practice I have not encountered any problems with it so far. While I was not enchanted with the idea at first; I accept now that it has pluses and minuses, and the pros are starting to outweigh the cons. More on that in another post. My point is: Malevay Studios is trying a different, new type, of breedable. There are going to be new concepts and they can be scary at first. Without change nothing would ever improve. Will having all traits available in starter Nests be an improvement? I think it could be.

Having the full genetic pool available in starter Nests provides a sort of pressure release valve for the secondary marketplace. Since all genetics are in the store there is always the chance of buying enough Nests to get one close enough. However that is probably impractical, especially if it is a rare Meeroo and you are on a limited budget. What it does mean is that anybody could get one, no matter how rare. Not only mega-breeders are selling uncommon Meeroos. People who started yesterday have the chance to birth a Koi Meeroo, right now.  Maybe they want to sell it, maybe without a monopoly on the market, they do not mind offering their Meeroo for a reasonable price. I am sure that some of the avatars who receive amazing second generation Meeroos will. If it works like I hope it does the open-genetics approach should moderate the extreme high end of the market.

I love that anybody has the same chance when they take the stroll [TP] over to one of the Meeroos stores to buy a Nest. If you have a hundred (100) Meeroos or none, when you buy that Nest it could be anything. It is like a classic mystery box that can contain any aspect of the game, in this case any type of Meeroo. Sure the players with more Meeroos can gain an advantage through breeding, that is part of the game as well. Through breeding you can create the exact Meeroo you want, over time, with a lot of effort (and fun!) At the store you can roll the dice and see what you get. Maybe something ordinary, maybe something amazing. For me it means, when I am out pricing Nests, I will balance the prices for known genetics against taking the risk on unknown genetics in the store.

I understand that for some people the open-genetics model is less than desirable. Especially for those who believe they need to protect their breeding lines. To them I would say: the rare breeds are going to be rare until, if possible, breeders establish genetic lines that consistently produce them. Then they will not be so rare anymore. A few people getting ultra-rare Meeroos from the store is not going to sway that balance much. Maybe not even enough to dampen exorbitant prices, as I hope it does. If you have, or are establishing, breeding lines now; they are still a worthwhile investment. The best way to somewhat predictably produce uncommon trait Meeroos is through breeding. Buying a Nest from the store is a random chance, nothing you could build a reliable business model on. Every now-and-then though, someone, maybe someone very new or someone about to loose heart, will coax a miracle Meeroo from a starter Nest. In my view that can only be good for Meeroos and for the community at large.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Clover: The Open Beta Gift Meeroo

The Open Beta gift has been sent out. If you have not received one yet, and you were in Open Beta, you should log on. It should be sent to you automatically. I am sure a CSR can assist you if that has not occurred. I have mine so I thought I would share some pictures and some thoughts. The gift is a free very special Meeroo: a Clover Meeroo of the Prism species. Interesting fact: one of the progenitor Meeroos, Dawnara is a Prism species Meeroo. She is the mother of all the Meeroos on the Grid right now!

Long before the Open Beta gift was released scarlett and I had a bit of a speculation over what it might be. We thought about what type of gifts would be better than others. We came to the immediate conclusion that we would be happy with anything. Any memento of our experience in Open Beta would be appreciated. We gained more from the experience than any item. We had a great time and learned a lot about Meeroos. We would have been happy with no gift at all.
 That being said, the prospect of a gift was exciting. We contemplated everything from some sort of "Thank You" certificate of participation to hang up on the wall all the way to, what we considered, a very high end gift: a free Meeroo. We even pushed our dream into fairyland by postulating that it could be a special type of Meeroo. Hopefully something that would not pass on to offspring, so as to keep it more fair for people who could not get into Open Beta. We were ecstatic to discover that, what we considered almost beyond wishing for, is exactly what Team Meeroos decided to do: give all Open Beta testers not only a free Meeroo, but a special one called "Clover!" I can not tell you how happy I am both with their decision and with my Clover Meeroo. Another point and another Thank You to Malevay Studios! Now on to the photos...

Thank you for looking!

Regarding Regard

I get asked a lot of questions about Regard. It can be a confusing part of Meeroos if you do not understand it. Trust me, it is easier to grasp than you think. There are three (3) entities that can gain Regard: Avatars, Meeroos and Fellowships.

Fellowships are the easiest to explain, they gain Regard from their Members. When new Members join a Fellowship some of their Regard is counted towards Fellowship Regard. You do not loose any Regard by joining a Fellowship but the Fellowship does gain Regard, if you have any. When an Avatar switches Fellowships their Regard goes with them to the new Fellowship. Fellowship Regard will be used to unlock items for purchase in the Meeroos Store, when it is complete. I do not yet have all the details on how that will work. Catherine has said that Regard is not "spent" so unlocking will be achieved by reaching a certain amount of Regard, not trading in Regard to unlock. This means neither personal, nor Fellowship Regard will ever go down; unless a Member leaves a Fellowship taking their Regard points with them and reducing Fellowship Regard overall.

Meeroos can gain Regard in two (2) ways: By being petted and by having Nests. Meeroos can gain ten (10) Regard points every hour by being pet. You can pet your own Meeroos or other people can pet them for you. In either case they will gain the same ten (10) Regard points per hour per petting. If you are petting your Meeroos and notice that they are not gaining the points: they may have been pet by someone else less than an hour ago. I always look at their float text to determine if they are gaining Regard when petting as the HUD can take awhile to update. The maximum Regard to be gained by this method is, of course, 240 Regard points per day, if your Meeroos are pet every hour on the hour. Meeroos also gain three hundred (300) Regard points every time they participate in creating a Nest. Both the Male and the Female gain the bonus.

When Meeroos are Released all their Regard goes to the Avatar who Owns them at the time they are set free. A Meeroo with five hundred (500) Regard will give all of those points to his or her Owner upon Release. Even Meeroos who can no longer breed have considerable value in Regard points.

Avatars gain Regard in three (3) ways: Releasing Meeroos as stated above, Petting Meeroos that belong to other Avatars and Collecting Treasures. Every four (4) hours you can pet ten (10) Meeroos you do not own to gain one hundred (100) Regard points. In theory you could gain six hundred (600) Regard points per day by doing this. If you managed to make it online every four (4) hours. Is a bit reminiscent of pressing the button in the hatch every 108 minutes. Not really, but that would be a lot of logging on instead of sleeping. You can collect the Treasures your Meeroos dig up as well. It seems like the first time you collect a special Treasure you get ten (10) times its normal point value. For example, the first time I found an Eagle Feather I received five hundred (500) Regard points, subsequent feathers have garnered only fifty (50) Regard points each. Still a decent amount, I am not complaining.

What good is Regard? It increases the chance of rarer offspring from your Meeroos when they breed. In some un-revealed combination, both Player Regard and Meeroo Regard play a part in unlocking rare Meeroo traits and throwbacks. The higher your personal Regard is the better Nests you will get. The higher your Meeroos Regard is the better the Nests they will have. You can see how important it is to pet your own Meeroos and to encourage people who may be around to pet them if you are not present. If you have a partner who is not into Meeroos, or friends who stop by, give them a Meeroos HUD and ask them to have a pet of your Meeroos if they have time. It is fun for them and the Meeroos will gain valuable Regard that improves your chance of awesome Nests.

I think gaining Regard from petting other peoples Meeroos is a brilliant way to encourage players to interact. My partner has enough Meeroos that I can pet ten (10) without leaving our Meeroos area. But I still like to get out to see what sort of areas other people have and to pet their Meeroos. A side effect of the petting for Regard part of Meeroos is that most Meeroos habitats are very friendly and welcoming of strangers. Still, ask before you decide to use someones sky box as your personal petting paradise, unless they have posted that it is OK. I have a post on this blog with some locations listed, including my own, that encourage you to stop by and pet their Meeroos. If you need to find Meeroos to pet to make your ten (10), have a look.

If you want to try and maximize your Regard petting I have, ahem, scripted something to help. It is a HUD timer that keeps track of both the four (4) hour delay until you can gain more Regard for petting others Meeroos and the one (1) hour delay before any Meeroos you have pet will be able to gain Regard again. It comes with an InWorld base unit that can email or IM you at the end of the four (4) hour cycle when you can gain regard again for petting MeeroosMeeroo food somehow, but I think reasonably priced at L$50, it comes with free updates for life and is Copy/Mod/No-Trans. Have a look on the Marketplace if you are interested:

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Meeroo from Japan

Some Koi coat Meeroos from Japan have been coaxed in the last few days. I did not think that they were going to be available until the October expansion, I was wrong; they are here now! Which is marvellous because they are super cute. I was able to get a few pictures of one that was just chilling, so here they are.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Open Beta Gift?

There has just been an InWorld Meeroos Group notice with the picture below attached. The text reads "the beta baby Clover". It looks like this could be, in some way, the gift for Open and Closed Beta testers. In Group chat Mehgan Southmoor [Meeroos CSR] wrote: "ok gang that is Clover, he will be meeting our beta testers soon!! Keep an eye on the official blog tonight!!!" and to clarify "closed and open beta testers yes." There is a lot of speculation right now, will it be the chance to breed one, or will they be gifted directly to testers? Nobody knows yet, but we have been told to keep our eyes on the Meeroos Blog this evening, so I for one will be doing just that! Excited!

The Meeroos blog has been updated with more info, check out the new post HERE.