Thursday, 19 May 2011

Pre-Order Perfection

Pre-order Chests have been sent to everybody who ordered them and is currently InWorld. Tiger writes, in a WW of Meeroos Group notice: "If you are online you should have all your preorders now.  If you just got online (or reading this later) your preorder should popup within a minute or two of logging in." That was quick! I do not think perfection is too strong a word to use, I have had zero problems. Got my chests and super cool golden Home, got everything rezzed and Meeroos coaxed without a hitch. They are happily sleeping away at my feet as I write.

I understand, from a Group notice, that some people are mistakenly using the RELEASE button on the HUD thinking it would release (birth) their Meeroos from their nests. Nests are coaxed by "Touching" them and selecting the "Coax" option from the drop down menu. My heart goes out to those unfortunate individuals who accidentally released their precious pre-order Meeroos. I hope something can be done for them, but that may not be possible or advisable. It is just that I can imagine how I might feel if I had made an error like that and lost some of my Meeroos. I would be devastated and probably not be talking to myself for awhile. Um, that did not sound right; I don't really talk to myself much now, really. I am so glad to have Meeroos back, my proper forever Meeroos. Now it is time to decide on names. Think I might wait a bit and see what suits them.

Golden Meeroo Home & New Babies
Thank you, Team Meeroos, for an excellent evening so far. I intend to finish this up and get back to spending some time with my Meeroos! Might see if anybody has new Meeroos they want to show off, I want to see them all. Remember: Only three (3) days till the Official Launch, I can not wait, I am going to buy a few more for sure, how many is still uncertain ;)

Warning from the InWorld Group about the RELEASE button:
"Some of you are getting your Meeroos trunks and upon getting your nests from the chest, you are going to your STATUS tab and clicking RELEASE which releases them to the wild, not from their nest. To release from a nest, simply left click it. Again, please do NOT go to status tab and click release to coax a baby from a nest. It will leave your care in doing that."

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  1. Hi! Thanks for documenting your Meeroos experiences. It seems whenever I google for Meeroo info, I end up here :)

    I also had a seamless pre-order arrival and unpacking (I was even lucky enough to have 3m/3f in my trunk!). I don't envy the CSRs today though!