Sunday, 8 May 2011

Musings and a Meeroo Finder Update

Nobody knows how much longer Open Beta will continue for, but I doubt it will be much longer. I am excited about the beginning of real, not planning on running off, Meeroos that I get to keep. Open Beta has been fun, it still is fun; it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to help out finding some early bugs as well as get some hands-on experience with our Meeroos pre-release. It has been reassuring to know that it does not really matter, in the long run, if one of our Meeroos encounters an error, or runs off. Knowing it was all temporary. Soon it will be for real. While I don't want to say goodbye to the ones I have now; I know they have to go, to make way for the next generation. I think I am prepared this time, even though I named them again. I know they are transient Meeroos, just visiting for a short while before they will scurry off to visit another corner of the Grid. I'll be keeping an eye on the Official Meeroos blog for any announcements about the end of pre-orders and/or the end of Open Beta. I feel like I am waiting for Christmas and Halloween twisted together. I think someone may have done a movie about that...

I have done a little work on my "Where is my Meeroo?" Meeroo Finder system. I realized that once it is tracking more than six (6) Meeroos the list will have to be sorted alphabetically for you to quickly locate a particular Meeroo. It can also email a list of your Meeroos Names and ID#s via an interface method you may be familiar with from the HPC Teleporter pads [If you are an Admin/Owner] and the Meeroos [when you want them to chat their stats]: the "long-touch". You hold your mouse pointer over the Object, then left click on the Object and hold down the mouse button. In this case for about three (3) or four (4) seconds. You will get some Owner only text asking you to provide an email address on a random channel. You can send the report to any email you like. Once you provide an email address [Leave it as just a space to cancel] it will compile the report and send it. Where Is My Meeroo? system is provided: Prims [Mod/Copy/Trans] and: Scripts [NoMod/Copy/Trans] and you can get a copy for free HERE on the marketplace. I will post system updates on this blog for now, or you can just check the marketplace. As of this post the current version is 0.3.1beta.

In closing I would like to post a few pictures I have taken and a few I have been sent. Thank you again to Judi Newall for sending in some fantastic Meeroo pix! Judi's pictures are directly below and mine are underneath.

Judi's Photos:

Fos's Photos:

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