Friday, 22 April 2011

Update v0.76 for stumps

There is an update out to fix crashing stumps. The update will take your Meeroos home stump from version 0.75 to version 0.76. The update process could not possibly be simpler. I am blown away with how much easier this update is to apply than any other breedable update I have ever done.

If you did not get the Group notice about the update (I did not: IMs capped) just pull up your Groups list and select the WW of Meeroos Group and click the "Group Info" button then go to the "Notifications" tab (I suggest sorting by date) and scroll down a bit you will see the notice with the updater Object attached. Select that Notification and hit the "Open Attachment" button and poof! you will have an updater stump in your Inventory.

Once you have your updater go to your current home stump and rez the new update stump next to it. [Make sure you are wearing the correct Group tag for the land you are on] The new stump will find the old one and, I love this part, moves itself to exactly where the old one is and then deletes it. The new stump then takes over for the old one and begins updating all your Meeroos. It took less than 5 minutes to update all 8 of my Meeroos, probably less than three but I forgot to time it exactly. In any case it is quick and painless. I have never updated anything in Second Life this easily before. It is essentially fully automated once you drop the updated stump!

Here is the text of the InWorld Group notice about the update:

Please read the following instructions very carefully, so you can update your Meeroos. This is an important update and MUST be carried out as soon as possible.

This update will fix stump crashing issues.

Rez the updater next to your stump. Your stump will update and then one by one your Meeroos will update. Please do not pet them, click them or attempt to attach them until the update is finished.

Once finished your Meeroos will be updated to 0.76 as will your stump.  IM a CSR if you need help.

Keep up the fantastic work team Meeroos!

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  1. glad you liked the update! i worked hard to make it that easy! :-)