Saturday, 23 April 2011

Food bowls & Open Beta information

I noticed something awhile ago that I have been meaning to mention here on the blog. One of those little touches that improves the realism of the Meeroos experience. What I saw was the level going down over time in the food bowls. When I first put it out the top was domed and now, after some has been eaten, it is caved into the bowl. I hope that, when empty, the bowls will look empty. It is that sort of thing that I love about Meeroos. I wish I had thought to take pictures when the dishes were full, but had no idea they would be so cool. If anybody has some, you could send them too me... [If it is OK to post them here, of course]

There is also Open Beta news: It looks like Open Beta will continue for at least the next two weeks, as of Saturday April 23rd, 2011. So by my calculations that makes it about May 7th. That does not sound like a fixed date, but and estimate only. Something else very exciting, it has been confirmed that we will get to breed the Open Beta Meeroos! I am quite pleased about that, and looking forward to it. You can expect to receive an additional stump as well. I assume this will be for baby Meeroos. However that is only my own conjecture. Also: you will get more food, so no need to worry about that. Stay calm.

One final thing, yet another move by the Meeroos Team I am impressed with: There will be no Official Meeroos stores associated with any market or non-neutral location. Basically there will be only one Official satellite store and it is in a neutral Region. I applaud that decision as a declaration of their impartiality which, much like justice, must be seen to be done. +1 more for team Meeroos!

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