Saturday, 16 April 2011

HUD Deliveries have begun!

The delivery of the Open Beta Meeroo HUDs has begun! Some people in Group chat have said they have already received theirs. Neither I, nor my partner, have yet but I will keep you informed on how it goes when I do.

The Group notice says you will have to visit the Oracle in Twas once you receive your HUD. It will give you some sort of key to activate the HUD. I will blog more in-depth about how the process works when I do it myself.

I hope some of you already have your HUDs out there! Full text of the InWorld Group notice below:

"HUDs are being delivered please be patient there are a lot of us :) Once you have word* your HUD you need to come talk to The Oracle on Twas and listen carefully to what she says."  -Toxic Menges

* I think that is supposed to read "worn" prolly. I bet she was far too excited to type slowly. I know I am!

= I'm reading about #Meeroos: HUD Deliveries have begun!Tweet this post!

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