Saturday, 16 April 2011

I have my HUD!

I just received my Meeroos HUD about twenty minutes ago and it's looking good so far. I really like the look of the HUD and it hides away very nicely. It attaches to the Top-Left HUD position by default. I suggest using "add" instead of "wear" if you already have a HUD on that location.

The process of using the HUD is very simple, it is NOT boxed, simply wear the Object sent to you. Once it appears you can click through the various tabs and even answer questions from the Oracle for regard points. I have not played with all the options yet and will elaborate in later posts.

Once you have worn your HUD you should proceed to Twas, the Meeroos SIM, and grab your activation key from the Oracle. [SLURL:]. Once you arrive, wait for the Oracle to rez (it's in the middle of the "room" there) and touch it (while still wearing the HUD!). You might have to touch it a few times in my experience. Eventually it will IM you that it is checking on your status with Meeroo-kind  and, assuming everything is in order, it then IMs you your activation key. Mine is: HG45HAHAHA no not really, just kidding. Once you have your key the staff there are asking people to move on so others can access the SIM.

You can now take your shiny new key to the Meeroos web site and enter it to verify/activate your account. The web address is: Once you get logged in there follow these steps to enter your key:

1) Go to: My Account
2) Select the "Edit" tab.
3) Select "Meeroos" from the selections directly below the "Edit" tab.
4) Enter your key where prompted and save it.
5) That is it, you are ready to go, try answering some of the Oracle questions by clicking on the "Oracle" tab of the Meeroos HUD.

I'm very excited by the HUD so far, beginning to hope for great things from the Meeroos. Hope this has been helpful, now back to paying with the HUD!

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