Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I know, they are not even out yet...

Ok, so I know that Meeroos have not even entered open beta yet, that will be this coming weekend. But hey, why not get a blog set up before I get too busy minding Meeroos that I can't be bothered?

What my intent with this blog is to chronicle my ascent into Meeroos. I am starting it before open beta, which I am set to participate in, and will post on my progression. Every "awesome" and "um, not sure about that", ok so not every one. More of a summary to be fair, but you get the point.

I intend to be informative more than speculative or editorial. For myself, having the correct information is one of the most important parts of any endeavor. Meeroos and other breedables are no different. Sometimes information from Groups and blogs can get confusing and contradictory. My aim is to sift through a bit of that and post some useful, and more importantly, valid information and maybe even some tips [If anybody shares any cool ones with me].

So, follow early, follow often. IM me inworld if you have info about Meeroos, I'll attribute all info to its source or you can be anonymous. With that I end my first post, the final thing on my mind is:

I can't wait for Meeroos!

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