Monday, 18 April 2011

Open Beta trunk delivery round 2 has been paused!

I have now both received and birthed all 6 of my Meeroos and they are amazing! However, if you have not gotten yours yet: deliveries have been paused again. The load on their server is not high enough to test it so they are waiting until more people are online to resume sending trunks out. Unfortunately that may well be in the middle of the night for those of us in Europe/UK, somehow I don't think people are going to have a problem staying up [see: Coffee], unless they have work tomorrow... (Just quit, or call in sick with Meeroo fever!)

The text of the Group notice:

[19:59] Levio Serenity: Group Notice: Trunk Deliveries Paused|Sorry, but things are going good. TOO GOOD.  There isn't a huge demand on the server (it's yawning at me) so we're going to postpone trunk deliveries until later today we can resume and try to spike the server with another big blast of fluffy Meeroos all at once.

TY for your patience with the process!

Once I get done petting and looking at my Meeroos I will get some pictures posted as well as a bit more useful info, if I have any. Good luck to all of you still waiting for your Meeroos and I am excited for all of you who have them now!

Note: I have not had ANY issues rezzing or birthing my Meeroos but my partner has; her home stump is showing duplicates of all her Meeroos. [See Edit below] Remember if you do have any issues: use the Meeroos Forum to report them. That is what Open Beta is for, finding bugs and issues that got missed before. If you find an issue and don't report it, well, it might not get fixed. That being said: Cut the CSRs in Group chat a little slack, they are busy. And please let's try to be civil with people in Group chat as well. Not everybody knows what is going on and many people are a bit confused. Really no point in attacking people for their questions who may, a month from now, be your customers at your Meeroo store or in your fellowship helping you out. Everyone asks uninformed questions sometimes, best to provide information not ad hominem slights. See you all in Group chat.

Edit: Ok, so the float text on the stump actually displays your Male Meeroos on the left followed by the Female Meeroos they are compatible with! So it is, in fact, not duplicates. It might be a bit confusing since the float-text can get truncated in length and so you might not see it all.


There does not appear to be any way to edit or delete your Forum posts from the Meeroos site, so I am not sure what to do if you have reported a problem but then realize it is not one. I am sure the Meeroos staff will sort it out. Don't let it put you off reporting issues, they can ignore ones that turn out not to be. Now, back to playing with Meeroos!

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