Monday, 18 April 2011

Trunk deliveries have begun, and stopped...

The delivery of Meeroo trunks had begun, apparently before midnight SLT (circa 2:57 UTC) which was a surprise. Unfortunately their server is having some issues and deliveries have been suspended. It looks like you should NOT rez/open your trunk if you have gotten one. [I have NOT seen any all-clear-to-rez messages yet] The issues are not with sending out the Open Beta trunks but with the load associated with the mass birthing of Meeroos, from what I gather via Group chat and the notices. As you can see from the last Group notice (below): trunk deliveries should re-start sometime this morning (SLT I assume?). I am guessing they will issue the "all-clear" to rez Meeroos either prior to that or at the same time. See below for a complete list of Group notices sent about the Open Beta trunk delivery event:

[03:57] Catherine Farspire: Group Notice: Detach - Reattach HUD|Many packages have arrived from a mysterious island, and each one of them are destined for doorsteps around the grid. Yours is on it's way, so at this time, please detach and reattach your v0.89 HUD, a surprise awaits you!

[04:31] Catherine Farspire: Group Notice: Errors|As this is beta, we understand that many of you are experiencing database communication errors when birthing, having blue glowing meeroos, hatching nests, duplicate meeroos and trunks or meeroos vanishing! This IS what we wanted to see, so we could gauge bandwidth usage and impact on server, and consequences of such a load. Please do not worry. These error will be remedied!

[04:38] Catherine Farspire: Group Notice: Pre-Orders Temprarily disconntinues|Pre-Orders are temprarily discontinues until we sort our database issues. Please do NOT birth any more meeroos until we give you the all clear or risk losing them.

[05:00] Catherine Farspire: Group Notice: That's What beta is For|In order to ensure we provide the best quality experience for our customer at launch, we must go through this beta stress test. We know it is an inconvenience and a challenge, but it is necessary for us to be able to optimize our system. We will discontinue trunk release until tomorrow as we tweak some coding on the back end to ensure prompt and seamless delivery on the second try! Thanks allf or working with us!

[05:44] Catherine Farspire: Group Notice: Make sure to check the forums!|The forums is a place where we collect and filter information as we trasition through these phases! Our forum moderator, Allatu Augustus is doing great at keeping things nice and tidy over there. While we work through this issue, you should head on over there and give her a warm greeing and a friendly smile! Also introduce yourself, read up on known issues and share your thoughts, concerns and ideas at

[06:03] Catherine Farspire: Group Notice: Lost Meeroos?|If you've lost meeroos, do not fret! Tomorrow our CSr's will whistle them back from you and retrieve them from the wild, but as a matter of priority, we need this time to potimise and improve our backend so the results of the next delivery are much improved.

[06:24] Catherine Farspire: Group Notice: Beta Distribution: Round 2|Tomorrow morning we will commence Beta Distribution round 2! If you have not gotten your new HUD 0.089 from notices, do so now. TRUNKS will not be distributed again until the morning so we can re-guage perfomance of our servers and the impact on them. If you have your meeroos, they will be fine! Please remember to use the forums for issues! 

Let's hope they get that server back online soon. I will keep an eye out for announcements on their blog. I really hope they update it to let us know when trunk deliveries have resumed as it can be inconvenient to stay logged in all day to follow Group notices... I will post it here as soon as I know myself :)

NOTE: In my experience you will not get any notification that your Meeroos are ready to be delivered or ready. You have to log in and, according to the Group notice, detach then reattach your Meeroos HUD. Of course this will only work if the server is up. I suggest detaching the HUD for no less than 10 seconds to allow the Linden Labs asset server time to process it properly.

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