Monday, 25 April 2011

Extra Home Stump & Food from Team Meeroos

Team Meeroos, AKA Malevay Studios, has started sending out those extra home stumps and food to everyone in Open Beta. You should get yours shortly after logging in if you are wearing your Meeroos HUD. If you are InWorld I imagine detaching and re-attaching it would also work. The items come in a nifty egg basket pictured below (thank you scarlett Tamura for the picture).

The egg basket also contains a bonus surprise: a firefly generator. All nice and Copy/Trans, to help create that perfect mystical Meeroos atmosphere for your Meeroos home area. I am even impressed with the designs on the eggs! See, I told you everyone would get more food! Nothing to worry about. Now I just have to wait till they can breed...

As an aside, I have created and released a Meeroo finder to help locate lost or hiding Meeroos. It gives you their SLURL* instead of using particle beams, so you can TP directly to the Meeroo you want. Prolly easier to do that if their movement is set to OFF, but it gets you in the general area in any case. It is called "Where Is My Meeroo?" and the current version is 0.1.0beta, yes beta, please comment nicely! It's available on the Marketplace (SLX) and is Modify/Copy/Trans except for the script which is No-Modify/Copy/Trans. If you are interested: have a look HERE and let me know what you think. Preferably here not on XStreet, but is up to you. I'll try to incorporate any suggestions I can. [It also chats their ID# even if you have changed their name]

*To use the SLURLs: Open your local chat window. The SLURLs should be displayed in a different color. When you click on one it will open the TP window and allow you to teleport to that location.

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