Friday, 22 April 2011

Last day for Meeroos Pre-Orders

Don't forget today, Friday the 22nd of April, is the last day to pre-order your Meeroos Family pack. Pre-orders will cease today at 6pm SLT. If you want to order, or order more, make sure you do it soon because you do NOT want to miss out. You can find the pre-order trunks HERE, you have to pay the trunk itself not the kiosk it is next too. Don't forget to keep your reciept number safe. I put mine in a notecard in SL, in a file on my local computer and backed it up via Dropbox to an external server as well. Just in case the building burns down I don't want to loose it ;)

Remember: you will receive your pre-ordered Meeroos packs three (3) days before they are officially released! I am not looking forward to being without them from the end of Open Beta until pre-release starts, I could not possibly wait the extra three days until the Official release. I am sure many of you feel the same.

Go Meeroos!

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