Monday, 18 April 2011

Open Beta trunk delivery round 2 has begun!

As per the WW of Meeroos Group announcement:

If you've been waiting for your trunk still, now is your turn to grab yours! Detach and reattach your HUD if you've not gotten a Delivery.

If you are InWorld right now you will need to detach and then re-wear your Meeroos HUD v0.89. Once you do that, or on login if you are not InWorld now, you should get a message that looks like this:

WW of Meeroos HUD V0.89: The Oracle has sensed your presence online. Queueing your Open Beta Trunk for delivery. Please remain online and ready to accept it!

Once you get that message your trunk should be offered within a minute or two, mine and my partners were. Just waiting for peace & quiet IRL to rez our trunks and see what Meeroos have to offer! More here soon.

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