Monday, 18 April 2011

Pre-Orders have been re-enabled

Pre-ordering has resumed for the Meeroos Family Pack. The Group notice says the last day for pre-orders will be the April 22nd which is this coming Friday. These packs will be delivered three days prior to the official release of Meeroos giving you a chance to get a head start! They also come with a necklace that will never be available any other way and a unique golden home stump as well. If you want to see pictures of the nifty pre-order gifts have a look HERE.

Text of the Group notice:

[21:09] Catherine Farspire: Group Notice: We have re-enabled Pre-Orders|We have activated the Pre-Order trunks once again. Pre-Order will cease on Friday April 22. They will not be made available after that day. Thanks!

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