Thursday, 23 June 2011

Meeroo Personality Profile: Shy

We all know Meeroos have little personalities that effect who they can breed with, what you may not know is that each personality type has its own special animation that fits its disposition. I am going to be photographing those mannerisms and posting them as a mini-feature on each Personality type. I am not looking forward to taking the Aggressive personality photo, they do no stay in position for long. Too feisty for that I assume.
Another animation you may have missed is the one for eating. All Meeroos have the same eating animation and they make a little noise when they are eating as well. Something to check out next time you see your little ones running for the food dish.

The first to get photographed, much against her wishes, is  B Meeroo. B is a Shy Meeroo and would have preferred to be left alone I think. After some petting and a few berries she did agree to a few quick photos, so here they are. Keep checking back, I'll be photographing the rest of the Personality types over the next few weeks and posting more profiles.

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