Thursday, 23 June 2011

Meeroos @ SL8B

It is Second Life's 8th Birthday celebration this week. It is, well, interesting to check out. Very difficult to find anything I thought. I went looking for the Meeroos exhibit. When I found myself stymied I went to the best place to check: Meeroos Group chat. I had a landmark in a few minutes and I was on my way. I'll save you the trouble of asking in Group chat, you can TP there HERE.

The Meeroos plot is very calm and tasteful. The Oracle is there and is scheduled to say something tonight at 8pm SLT [Cancelled: Oracle has hair issues]. No idea what that might be, but I hope to be there. You can pet the Meeroos that are out while you look around, they love it. You can also help out my explaining to passers-by that Meeroos don't bite. Took some photos for the collection:

= I'm reading about #Meeroos: Meeroos @ SL8BTweet this post!

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