Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Caledonian

I recently got to take a look at another new Meeroo coat, the Gael Caledonian. It is a dark coat similar to the Ursine coat but with some subtle differences, as you can see from the photos. Interestingly "Caledonia" is the Latin name for Scotland. It was named that by the Romans during the time that they also owned all of England, then known as Britannia. This would have been about AD 120 or so. I imagine that the genes for this coat originate from about that period in history. Shows how far back we have managed to reach with breeding already. I can not even venture a guess at just how far back Meeroo DNA might go. I would actually poke myself in the eye to see a Meeroo from the Mesozoic era [250 - 60 million years ago]. That might take a bit of time, and Regard, to breed out though. I may have to wait awhile. But I digress, here are the photos for you:

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