Saturday, 4 June 2011

Clover: The Open Beta Gift Meeroo

The Open Beta gift has been sent out. If you have not received one yet, and you were in Open Beta, you should log on. It should be sent to you automatically. I am sure a CSR can assist you if that has not occurred. I have mine so I thought I would share some pictures and some thoughts. The gift is a free very special Meeroo: a Clover Meeroo of the Prism species. Interesting fact: one of the progenitor Meeroos, Dawnara is a Prism species Meeroo. She is the mother of all the Meeroos on the Grid right now!

Long before the Open Beta gift was released scarlett and I had a bit of a speculation over what it might be. We thought about what type of gifts would be better than others. We came to the immediate conclusion that we would be happy with anything. Any memento of our experience in Open Beta would be appreciated. We gained more from the experience than any item. We had a great time and learned a lot about Meeroos. We would have been happy with no gift at all.
 That being said, the prospect of a gift was exciting. We contemplated everything from some sort of "Thank You" certificate of participation to hang up on the wall all the way to, what we considered, a very high end gift: a free Meeroo. We even pushed our dream into fairyland by postulating that it could be a special type of Meeroo. Hopefully something that would not pass on to offspring, so as to keep it more fair for people who could not get into Open Beta. We were ecstatic to discover that, what we considered almost beyond wishing for, is exactly what Team Meeroos decided to do: give all Open Beta testers not only a free Meeroo, but a special one called "Clover!" I can not tell you how happy I am both with their decision and with my Clover Meeroo. Another point and another Thank You to Malevay Studios! Now on to the photos...

Thank you for looking!

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