Sunday, 26 June 2011

Meeroo Regard cap?

I read today that there is a maximum amount of Regard a Meeroo can possess. We already knew that Levels for players top out at twenty five (25) for now. A player will continue to gain Regard after Level 25 but their Level will not increase. It looks like the maximum amount of Regard a Meeroo can have is 7500 Regard points. I do not have any Meeroos even near that level of Regard so I can not personally verify that it is true. A few separate sources have said that their Meeroos have reached 7500 and will not gain any more so I have no reason to doubt that it is the case.
I am not sure what this means, if true. I had assumed, again wrongly, that Meeroos would continue to gain Regard indefinitely even after their breeding cycle had expired. I thought you would still be able to pet them and raise their Regard as much as you liked prior to an eventual release. Although that is still true to some extent, it will only add Regard for so long. Once a Meeroo hits 7500 Regard points there is no reason to continue feeding it, unless you really love it and want to keep it as a pet, which brings me to:

Mee-Pets: I hope that the ability to turn Meeroos into Mee-Pets is made available soon [A Mee-Pet is a Meeroo that has been "converted" to a pet only. It will not eat or breed. Nor do I think it can gain Regard. There is a considerable up-front cost for the conversion.]. Already I have talked to a few people who have Meeroos they adore and would love to keep, but can not afford to feed. They are mostly familiar with the promised option of  a Mee-Pet and are willing to pay the up-front cost for the procedure. Unfortunately the option to convert has not yet been released. With Meeroos edging closer to their maximum breeding age of sixty (60) days and their cap of 7500 Regard points, more and more people are going to be looking to turn their Meeroos in to Mee-Pets. I know I am, I want to keep them all! As an additional thought: I wonder what happens to the Regard of a Meeroo converted to a Mee-Pet? Does it still go to the Owner, or is it lost? Perhaps some percentage is deducted?

I do think that the Regard cap makes some sense. I can accept it because I can accept that at some point a Meeroo likes you as much as he or she is capable of. Additional bonding does not bring you any closer. You might say that 7500 Regard points is the equivalent of unconditional love. One a Meeroo reaches that level of Regard for you they simply could not love you any more. That being said, the cap is artificial , it is coded in as a decision made by the Creators. I think I would prefer there not be a cap. I have Meeroos I want to keep for awhile, longer than they will be breedable. It is nice to think that even non-breeding Meeroos are still accruing some additional Regard from being pet, and mine will for awhile. I doubt many of mine will even be near 7500 when they become Elders. I will have quite some time to pet them before their Regard is maxed. But eventually it will be and then I have to decide what to do with them, and they are too cute to release easily!

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  1. So thats be for shuer i have one Autumn he is 43 Days old and have already 7500 Regard Points :)

  2. Date Born: 2011-05-18 14:19:42
    Status: Being Raised
    Age: 43.25
    Generation: 2
    Births: 8
    Regard: 7500
    Last Seen: 2011-07-01 01:18:13
    Father : Levio
    Mother : Dawnara