Monday, 1 August 2011

Watch Your Language

I have been investigating the Meeroo language as of late. Well, the symbols that comprise part of it anyway. I do not believe we have enough yet to really figure much out. I have failed to make any earth shattering discoveries. I have compiled what information I can and will present it here, perhaps someone else can improve on my humble beginnings.
Image 1
To start with there are two symbols we do know something about. The symbols on the Pre-Order program necklace spell, or mean; "Meeroos" as per Catherine's quote in THIS blog post: "...Unisex necklace that ACTUALLY spells out "Meeroos." If you pay close attention, you'll notice those little Meeroos have their own runic alphabet that means special things!" A photo of the necklace close up is shown above as: [Image 1].

I think it unlikely the language, which I now call Meerooish, is directly phonetic. That is, I doubt one of those symbols is "Mee" and the other "Roo". Especially as the language would have to pre-date their being called Meeroos, first done by the Unnamed Anthropologist: "...his creature, which he affectionately called a Meeroo." I do not even know which direction the language reads from, it could be right to left, or left to right. The beads on the necklace go both ways, on each side of the golden Meeroo. For now I am assuming it reads right to left like English does.

Image 2
Image 3
The symbol on the right side of the necklace close-up [Image 1] I have seen in two (2) other locations: 1) On the newly unearthed ruins at Roo [Image 2 - right side] and 2) on the inside of the store archway at Twas [Image 3]. It is interesting to note that in [Image 2] you have the symbols for Meeroos but with another symbol in the middle, the one below in [Image 4]. I wonder what that might mean, if anything? I do have a far fetched theory, but I will get to that in a bit.

Image 4
The symbols on the stone arch at the Twas store are interesting in that they are all very similar with the exception of the number of dots they have. This leads me to believe they might be numbers. There are three basic symbols which have either one, two or three (1,2 or 3) dots each. I do not believe the numeral zero (0) is represented. Nor are two (2) others since there are seven (7) symbols total. Taking it as a given that numbers with one (1) additional dot, on the same base symbol, are one more than without the dot I plotted the possible number to symbol mappings and came up with the following: There are six (6) ways to map the symbols to numbers that "work" on the arch. The six (6) variations, or options, are shown below:

Now for my wacky theory: if the symbol in [Image 3], the second symbol in "Meeroos", is in fact the number one (1) it could mean that Meeroos are in fact called "something - one" in their language. What might the symbol that comes in-between them in [Image 2] mean if that is so?  If it is the symbol for one (1) then either Option D or E is correct above. Will have to wait on more information before I can even guess further.

Keep in mind I could be completely off-base here and they may not even be numbers. This is all a theory which is, most likely, poppycock. But there you go, maybe one of you has a better idea what it might all mean than I do. If so, leave a comment and, in time, we will get it figured out. Most likely when they tell us in October (if they tell us).

Some more symbols from the other ruins at Roo and from the Home Stones:

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