Sunday, 21 August 2011

Meeroo Fun Facts: Food & Everything

Did you know that quite a few things happen when your Meeroos eat? They do not just stop being hungry and go in search of tin cans to dig up, quite a bit more is going on:

  • If a Meeroo has not reached its maximum size: it will grow each time it eats.
  • Meeroos change to their next Season as they eat.
  • They get older; Meeroo age increments during dinner.
  • They perform an eating animation.
  • There is even a chompy eating sound!

Each Meeroo eats four (4) times per day, so keep your eyes out for those animations and, if you happen to have your sounds up loud enough and your camera in the right place; you might also hear the chomp as they partake in a few berries. If they are not done growing you will see them puff up a tiny bit right as they finish eating, it is subtle but you will notice it if you watch carefully.

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