Monday, 25 July 2011

Meeroo Personality Profile: Aggressive

Time for another Meeroo Personality Profile, this one dedicated to all the Aggressive Meeroos out there. The animation unique to Aggressive Meeroos is performed while standing and is a little stomp along with a fearsome look. In theory anyway, I do feel a bit bad for Aggressive Meeroos, it is like they are trying their best to be tough but are just too cute to pull it off. Perhaps other Meeroos find them a bit scary? I wonder if fathers tell their newly Coaxed Meeroo daughters to avoid the Aggressive boys at school because they are bad news; often sneaking extra berries behind the bike shed while skipping their Meerooish lesson.
Speaking of which I would love to know what the Meeroo language is called. I am sticking with Meerooish until I hear otherwise. Perhaps there will be some clues, or an outright answer come October. In any case, if anybody is going to be skipping their language lessons I bet it is a gang of Aggressive Meeroos and a few of their Mischievous mates. I just hope the Head Master [AKA: Principal] is Friendly!
My partner scarlett discovered an interesting Meeroo fact, something I am going to try and get either photos or a video of soon: Meeroos grow when they eat! If they have growing to do that is. Check out your baby Meeroos next time they head to a food bowl. So long as they have not reached their maximum size they will grow, just a bit, right after they eat. This means baby Meeroos grow four (4) times a day. So a Giant fourteen (14) would grow a total of fifty-six (56) times before it reaches maximum size. The easiest way to see the effect is if you wait until your Meeroos are asleep. When asleep they will only get up to find Treasures, make Nests, and eat. Watch closely if they head for a food bowl, it is a wow moment the first time you see it. It is that kind of attention to detail that makes Meeroos so immersive, and it is a credit to Malevay Studios that they even thought of doing it in that way. I have some other fun facts I plan on sharing in these Personality Profiles, might even start a Meeroo Fun Facts feature if I compile enough.

I hope you enjoy the Aggressive photos, it is not easy getting the leg mid-stomp, let me tell you. Special cuddly thanks to scarlett for taking them all for me. You are awesome sweetheart! And, of course, Team Meeroos rocks!

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  1. I have to thank you for all the work you've put in keeping us informed! I just got an aggressive - I've been studying him. I see him stand, have not seen the "stomp." I think you're right - they're too cute to carry it off well. I would love to see a Meeroos Fun Fact compilation, such as the individual animations, the bit of them growing when they eat, anything else you find! Thank you again for all you do - I bow to you :)

  2. I can't wait for you to do Lazy, those animations are the cutest.

    Josephina Bonetto