Saturday, 27 August 2011

Meeroos HUD Update version 1.2

A new version of the Meeroos HUD has been released by Team Meeroos. Changes are minimal but good. The HUD now displays the Hair trait. I do not have anything but normal Hairs so far, but it will come in handy when I do get some. It is a much requested feature and I am glad to see it on the HUD. There is also a percentage value when a Meeroo is in Too Soon. Immediately after a Meeroo breeds the value will be 0% then as it progresses through the next five (5) days it builds to 100%. Helpful when figuring out when Meeroos have bred and when purchased Meeroos will begin cycling again.
Version 1.2 HUDs at the main store
If you wear your current Meeroos HUD the new version should be offered to you very soon. You may want to detach and re-attach your HUD to jump-start the process. If you prefer; the new HUDs are also available at the main Meeroos store on the Roo SIM. Under the big red arrow. As you can see in the graphic above.

Do not worry if you noticed you have never had a version 1.1 HUD, no version 1.1 HUD was ever released to the public. This version 1.2 is the first update to the HUD following 1.0. You are not going crazy, everything is fine. For the most part.

Great new post on the WW of Meeroos site, very much worth a read. Looks like we are going to get some special messenger Meeroos. Which we will be able to buy for L$300 each with a random selection of traits and of the four (4) coats. Some coats will be rare others more common. More on those and other revelations later.

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