Thursday, 4 August 2011

Where is my Meeroo Version 0.4 Beta

Just a super quick post to let everyone know I have released the newest version of the "Where is my Meeroo" Meeroo finder system. New version is 0.4 Beta and is available on the SL Marketplace HERE. [Always Free] Couple of fun new features: It now uses probes for scanning and you can rez as many as you like. So you can track all of your Meeroos, on a particular Region, with one Base unit. The Base unit does still look for Meeroos itself, so the probes are optional. You can rez multiple Base units if you wish without adverse effects.

For safety, if you will, I added a "Removed Meeroos" list. Every time the system looses a Meeroo it is added to the list. This happens when you take a Meeroo into Inventory, when you release a Meeroo or when a Meeroo is legitimately lost either by accidental deletion by the Meeroos server or by some LL bug. In the last case you may be unaware of the fact it has gone missing, checking the list will alert you. To cover the first two cases: You can manually clear the list to remove Meeroos you intended to Release. For when you need to take a Meeroo to change Home stumps; the system takes Meeroos off the Removed list when it finds them again. So a Meeroo that you have taken and re-rezzed will not show up on the list. Only Meeroos they system really can not find any more will. I hope this will help prevent missing Meeroos slipping through the cracks.

Other than that, just a few speed tweaks when communicating data to the Owner. Auto switches from using IM to OwnerSay, which for technical reasons, is faster. A few other under-the-hood modifications, hopefully making the WIMM a bit more stable and use a bit less script time. Enjoy!

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