Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Honey part 2: Why Tiger Rocks

All of my MeePet worries are a thing of the past. Not only that, I am once again incredibly impressed with Team Meeroos. Some of you may have noticed Tiger's comment on my last post about the MeePets. He says: "They are still animals that want to eat, right? They will still starve if you don't let them eat their free honey. But, no matter how much/long you starve them, they won't run away." So a MeePet can eat Honey but does not have to! This mean they can be kept in Inventory and can easily be given to people as gifts. Even if the recipient knows nothing about breedables, or Meeroos, they can just pop their MeePet Meeroo out when they want, if they want, as an adorable pet. This is very good news for me as it means I can convert one of my favourites to have on my shoulder all the time! [Do not worry, I will let him down from time to time to nibble a bit of Honey.]

I said in my last post that I thought having an optional food for MeePets seemed like a lot of extra work and I am sure it was and is. Team Meeroos is doing it anyway and it is a brilliant touch. It adds realism to have food even for Meeroos that do not need to eat. It is so subtle that I was sure that was not how it was going to work. I did not think anybody would go to those lengths for an optional item. I should have known Malevay Studios would do things differently and not compromise any aspect of the Meeroos experience. So; thank you for the clarification Tiger and way to go. Team Meeroos rocks!

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